Establish your study space

Lying on the couch with your laptop while watching Netflix isn’t a great way to study. Just as you might go to lectures on campus, you need a dedicated space to go to at home. Going to this space signals to you and the others in your house that you're "at uni". You don't need an entire office, but you do need a space that is comfortable, well equipped, and free from distraction. This gives you the best chance of properly engaging with your studies.

Tips for organising your desk

Pay attention to ergonomics. The kitchen bench might work in the short term, but it could eventually effect your posture, leading to discomfort and a lack of productivity.

Check your IT equipment

Make sure that you can access Moodle, your UNSW email, and all of the other UNSW e-learning applications that you need. For help, you can contact IT.

Check UNSW e-learning applications

Contact IT

Will your classes be using audio? If so, it pays to get a good microphone headset with top sound quality - this will minimise the fatigue of you and your listeners. Order early - given the number of classes around the world that are moving online they could be harder to get than toilet paper.