Do your usual things

If you usually start your day with yoga, or coffee with a friend, then keep doing so (yoga at home, coffee via FaceTime). Brush your teeth. Comb your hair. Have breakfast. Don’t let the little things slide, or the big ones will soon follow.

Take study breaks

Studying well does not mean work, work, work. Take regular breaks. Get away from your computer and phone. Get some fresh air, and some exercise.

Stay social

Remember that social distancing is about keeping physical distance between you and others. You can, and should, maintain your social connections, via phone, email, chat, FaceTime, Skype, etc. This is important for your wellbeing.

Beware the fridge

Studying at home can lead to excessive snacking, purely out of boredom, or as a way to avoid work. Keep your snacks to a minimum, and keep them healthy.

Be kind

You might get frustrated, with yourself, and with others - that's natural. But remember that we are all operating under challenging circumstances, doing things that are new to all of us. Be kind, to yourself and everyone else.

Get help

If you need help, please ask for it – from your teachers, your friends, or from a counsellor. The UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available online.

Visit CAPS